Thursday, February 24, 2011

Block or Unblock websites (without software)

Sometimes in schools,colleges or net centres surfing some sites like orkut,facebook are blocked.So here is a process to block or unblock any website.

For eg: If you want to block
>>For default users,Go to directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
>>There you will find a file named hosts
>>Open the file ,when you get open with program list then select notepad and open the file using notepad
>>Now in the file you can see localhost Click enter and type any proxy number Eg:
>>Now go to file and save it
>>Now when you open you will be transferred to site which is not there So will not load
*This will not load in any browser of your PC untill that site is removed from hosts file by using notepad(Unblocking)


Now you can shutdown your PC at anytime by simply following these small steps:

>>Go to start>Run
>>Type code:at 11:35 shutdown -s to shutdown your PC at 11:35 am
>>To abort type shutdown -a
>>Note all time is in 24 hour format
>>For pm Eg:at 21:30 shutdown -s for 8:30 pm

Also If you want to shutdown your PC in seconds
>>At run type shutdown -s -t 30 to shutdown your PC after 30 seconds

To restart your Pc at any time:
 >>Start > Run
>>Type shutdown -r -t 10 -c "Restarting..."
>>Hit Enter and enjoy !

To logoff:
>>Type shutdown -l
>>Hit enter,that's it.

*Note :
-s :: This signify Shutdown Request.
-r :: This signify Restart Request.
-l :: This signify LogOff Request.
-t :: This signify the timer before Restart. (Replace '10' with any number.)
-c :: This signify comment.

*To stop timer Go to Start>Run>Type shutdown -a (abort)

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